We currently have 290 Customer Service Consultants nationwide.
Our consultants are specialists dedicated to different market segments in order to be able to provide relevant expertise and understand individual customers' needs.
We service our customers through the following divisions:


The Automotive Division supplies dealerships, auto repair workshops, motorcycle repair shops, panelbeaters, auto electricians, and any specialised workshop dealing in the automotive aftermarket.
With a product range consiting of power and hand tools, chemical-technical products, abrasives, safety gear, screws and screw accessories we can fulfil most consumable requirements of our customers.
Würth offers the product range to boost the profitability and productivity of our customers through a range of industry solutions, such as storage and C-part management systems, diagnostics and more.


Our Cargo specialists service the trucking and bus industries as well as the agricultural sector.


The Metal division directly serves customers in the metalworking and metal processing industries such as metal and steel fabricators, fitters and machine manufacturers, but also deals with maintenance departments in different industries.
There is a great focus on the provision of sealants and lubricants, food-safe products, anchor and dowel systems, tools and electrical machines, material processing as well as DIN standard parts.



The Wood Division serves customers in the entire woodworking and wood processing trade, typically joiners, carpenters, window makers and set builders. The product spectrum covers furniture fittings, the entire range of fastening materials and sealing technology as well as tools, machines, abrasives and chemical technical products.


Our Projects team provides solutions in the energy (wind power and solar), maintenance (MRO) and construction markets. The sub division of Energy utilises our European experience with solar and wind projects to provide precision DIN standard fasteners and consumable items to extensive local installations.
With our specialists in MRO we can solve your problems through stock management/ product and supplier consolidation/ automated vending of PPE and small parts.
Our Construction team can bring our full product range and professional service to your sites for all your daily project needs. 



We have two vehicle diagnostic specialists based in Johannesburg and Cape Town. 
For more information or a demonstration of our diagnostics solutions A/C service devices, please contact:
For more information on WOW!: www.wow-portal.com

Key Accounts

We have Key Account Managers who service Group Deals with centralised billing and ordering systems.
They are able to not only provide quality consumables, but rather stock and storage solutions to customers with a network of branches or a bigger scale of business.