Eccentric Rotary Sander

Art. No. 00702 129 0 (2263)

Eccentric Rotary Sander

Eccentric sander with 150 mm diameter grinding disc. With two additional stroke stages for coarse and fine sanding. With 6-hole sanding plate.


  • Nominal voltage: 230 V/AC
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Protection class: Protection class II/protective insulation
  • Power input: 350 W
  • Power output: 180 W
  • Min./max. idle speed: 4200-9200 U/min(rpm)
  • Min./max. idle orbital rate: 8400-18400 1/min
  • Diameter of sanding plate: 150 mm
  • Oscillating diameter, 1st gear/2nd gear: 2.8 / 6.2 mm
  • Weight of machine: 2.2 kg
  • Cable length: 4 m


Simultaneous rotating and oscillating motion
Results in high removal and thus time savings.
Integrated dust extraction
The device can also be used without the external extraction function if necessary.
Adjusting wheel for adapting the number of rotations and oscillations
Sensitive materials such as veneer or thin layers of paint can be processed without a problem.
2 stroke settings on one machine
• Coarse sanding with 6.2 mm stroke
• Fine sanding with 2.8 mm stroke

Product information of Eccentric Rotary Sander