Angle Grinder EWS 24-230

Art. No. 00702 446 10 (2244)

Angle Grinder EWS 24-230

2400 watt angle grinder with quick-clamping nut, for discs with max. 230 mm diameter.


Handle can be turned in 90° increments
Optimum working position when grinding or cutting.
Vibration damping on both handles
Less fatigue while working.
Twist-proof protective hood
• The hood cannot be twisted when working and offers the user optimal protection
• Tool-free adjustment for fast, effective work
Recoil protection
If the wheel suddenly blocks, the power supply to the motor is interrupted, considerably reducing the danger of injury.
Overload indicator
To prevent motor damage, an LED comes on if the unit becomes overloaded.
Very slim housing
Makes it easier to work with the angle grinder.
On/Off switch with intelligent electronics
• Restart protection
• Overload protection
• Soft start
Optimised dust-protection concept
• Double labyrinth seals on ball bearings
• Encapsulated switches
• The cooling air is aspirated at the rear vents and blown out at the gear head at the front

Product information of Angle Grinder EWS 24-230